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The Erasmus + Key Action 2 project takes place over 3 years and involves children and teachers from 3 countries; Spain, Italy and Wales.

Project Aims; to improve literacy and foreign language skills and to improve digital skills

During each year, a planning meeting for teachers, and a learners visit takes place. During the learners visit, all activities are carefully planned to encourage development of skills but also to encourage an interest and love of the world around them. 

About the project....

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Year One  2017- Molina De Segura, Spain

C.E.I.P. Fransisco Martinez Bernal

Following a year of planning and activities, the first children's visit has arrived! What an amazing week! We had a very warm welcome from our Spanish hosts and got to know each other really well completing some of the planned activities. We all shared traditional games and rhymes and learnt about how schools in Spain are different and also the same as our own schools! Our Spanish and Italian friends have just received ipads so we shared our learning, using apps such as Puppet pals and Pic collage. We enjoyed some delicious food and discovered that at dinner time, Spanish children always begin with salad and eat lots of rice! They eat their school dinner at 1 and school finishes at 2!!


What a beautiful place and so different from Cadoxton! We visited the city of Murcia and took a tour, trying to find places using maps. We found QR codes stories that our previous Erasmus+ project had created around traditional stories which was exciting! We visited a museum where one room was just green and finished with a brilliant day on the La Manga coast with water sports and loads of fun!

Teachers Planning Visit

During the Teachers Planning Visit, we visited the beautiful city of Murcia and Molina. We worked with our Spanish and Italian teachers to plan an exciting week of activities and learning, making sure all practicalities and costings were sorted out! It was a busy but very effective weekend where we shared our expertise with training sessions and planning. Our Spanish hosts were exceptionally welcoming and shared the culture and wonderful food of their beautiful country!

Year Two 2018 - Verona, Italy 

Scuola Merighi, Scuola Caliari in Santa Maria and Scuola Pascoli

In Year Two, Italy were the hosts! Again, we held a Teachers Planning visit and a Learners Visit. Throughout the year, teachers were in contact to plan and arrange dates and activities. We set up a Google Drive folder to share work the children had created - They particularly enjoyed creating digital cards and sharing them online. We swapped email addresses to enable the children to practise their linguistic skills and get to know their Italian and Spanish friends. 

What an amazing week! - The children had already got to know each other by email and Skype sessions. They visited all 3 schools and were given a warm welcome in each! Along with creating an ebook on the project, they created a shared digital quiz of their countries traditions and cultures and used digital apps to get to find out information about each other.

We visited the beautiful city of Verona and saw Juliet's balcony and the Roman amphitheatre. We went on a raft down the river Adge, learning about the many bridges of the river. Finally we visited Lake Garda and the remains of a beautiful Roman villa - and an exciting speedboat ride followed by pizza on the banks of Lake Garda! A week to remember!

Sharing the Project...

 Verona TV interviewed teachers discussing how this project is open to primary children as well as older children!

In Spain, We were greeted by the Deputy Mayor and Director of Education and even made it on Spanish Radio!

Year 3 2019 - Barry, Wales


Year 3 is the turn of Cadoxton to host! We prepared the children in September, luckily we were able to include more children and started exchanging email addresses to build relationships quickly. They very quickly became E friends and helped each other with learning languages. Teachers skyped regularly to arrange shared work and we held a teachers planning meeting in February, to help plan out activities and the Visit week. 

We agreed that to improve their digital skills further we would use iMovie and stop motion animation, a progression from Pic Collage, by creating short animation on local stories. 

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