Ella's Blog - The Cadoxton Way!

Ella's Blog - The Cadoxton Way!

Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Hello! One of the things I have not mentioned is that our prime minister Boris Johnson has been tested positive with corona, it’s been very hard on him while he’s trying to maintain the U.K and keep everyone safe. Not everyone thinks he’s the best prime minister, but one of the things which shows a good leader is taking care of others while taking care of yourself! He has been making video calls from his house and making daily announcements as normal, except sometimes people are covering for him.

If you have been keeping up to date with my blogs, you will have seen in my very first one I mentioned climate change. If you are not sure what I mean by this then I will explain... 

Due to lots of cars and gas being used, and deforestation, and littering, lots of negative airs are being released into our world and they are making holes in the Ozone layer ( a bit like a protective bubble around earth), which is letting the sun get through and warm up the earth until there is nothing to warm up. Now that I have explained that, I can give you some good news! Now that lots of people are in lockdown, there isn’t much to damage, which is giving the earth positivity! Not only that but lots and lots of people are planting trees in the Amazon rainforest! So if you think about it, there are some positive aspects of Covid-19, you’ve just got to really think about it! And you can help too, just by staying home and washing your hands regularly is making a massive effect. 

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