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Cadog's Corner

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Cadog’s Corner Development Group creates and sustains opportunities for the community to develop and grow stronger. Our activities are designed to address social isolation, health and wellbeing and employability with the aim to improve the lives of people living in Cadoxton. We work in partnership with Cadoxton Primary School on some projects and deliver most activities in Victoria Park Community Centre in Cadoxton.


Visit our cafe and shop for a 'pay as you feel price'. We have lots of fresh and tinned food available weekly. We are situated next to Victoria Park Community Centre. 

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Opening Times

Wednesday - 3:00-7:30

Thursday - 9:30- 4:00

Friday – 9:30 - 3:30

We are looking to work together with our community to provide opportunities for them to develop essential skills by volunteering in Cadog's Shop. As a 'thank you' you will be able to earn time credits. (See the section on time credits for more information).

Please fill in the form if you are interested in volunteering. 

Volunteer Form

If you would like to volunteer to work in Cadog's Corner, please fill in the form below.



Cadog's Café

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Our mission is to teach everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle and work towards the sustainable goals of No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education and Good Health.

We want to make our community happy and healthy by helping them socialise, make friends and live better by making healthy choices affordable.

 It’s learning…the happy and healthy way!

Our Junk Food Cafe is at the heart of our Cadoxton community. A waste-less enterprise project, it allows for our Year 6 children to work in an authentic business environment, planning, designing, cooking and running our very own cafe open to all.


Update - Our Year 6 children have redesigned Cadog's Cafe so that they are still able to develop essential everyday life skills. They work collaboratively together with their peers to design a take-away menu that they create for members of their family. 

Cadog's Café in action

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