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Poverty Deprivation Grant Impact


At Cadoxton we recognise the need to support not just our vulnerable children but also their families. We use the grant to make a difference through thinking about how to make sustainable changes. We improve our provision; our ‘Cwtch’ safe spaces offer time and space for the children to support their learning needs. We have developed our family engagement team to support ‘Continuous Learning’ with the skills and technology they needs during the pandemic. We have a full-time team in our community centre working to support and empower our families, based on their needs. We have a skilled team of LSA’s who work alongside our teachers and leaders to support our vulnerable groups of children with their specific learning needs, whether these be social, emotional or academic to enable them to be ‘Ready to Learn’ and achieve their full potential. Our mission is to achieve equity for all.

How and what?

  • Training in trauma informed practice for all staff

  • Training in Precision Teaching and intervention for children in Y3-Y6

  • Speech and Language support for Early years

  • Play and well-being support in Early Years

  • Elsa leader - x4 LSA’s

  • Motional to support Vulnerable learners programme

  • Improved Provision- Library to raise attainment in reading  and for parents to support with the reading process

  • Family Engagement Leader and a team to drive community needs

  • Leader of Parent support workers

  • Nurture and well-being LSAs to support across the school

  • Cwtch- drop in nurture and medical support available all of the time

  • Target support LSA in all Ks2 classrooms

  • Vulnerable learners support team -1:1 support provided by x6 LSA’s

  • Relationship support team and rooms converted into safe spaces

  • Digital learning support across the school

  • Play therapy for vulnerable learners

  • Enrichment afternoons including Yoga, gardening and life skills

  • Equity in experiences- subsidised funds for residential, experiences  and uniform

  • Therapeutic approaches: Play therapy, cognitive and learning therapy.

  • Diploma for Trauma informed Practice for SLT and our Additional Learning Needs coordinators

  • X2 ALNco’s on the Senior Leadership Team

  • Whole school staff development in Restorative Practices.

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