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Victoria Park Community Hall


Create a culture of learning for our families to learn new skills, support them within their daily lives and raise aspirations. Working in partnership together to grow stronger as a community.

Our Vision is to make a difference, engaging with parents, families and the community to improve their wellbeing. They have the opportunity to learn new skills supporting them within their daily lives and job prospects. 

  • Building self-esteem

  • Developing confidence and self belief 

  • Acquiring new skills

  • Creating a healthy lifestyle 

  • Optimising personal strengths

  • Learn how to support their child’s learning 

Our next steps are to continue to reach out to our families, engaging more families and providing more bespoke courses in partnership with external agencies.

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Time Credits

Time credits are a way of recognising the amazing things people do in the community. In Cadoxton there are 16 parents who are involved in regularly earning Time Credits. One session = one Time Credit. Sessions include:


  • Adult support on school trips

  • Garden renovations

  • Office work, for example at the Palmerston Learning Centre

  • Supporting beach and forest schools 

  • Working with children on initiative such as KerbCraft

"Time credits and volunteering has helped me to learn new skills and given me the confidence and skills to return to work following a career break."

"I earned time credits through volunteering to support the Real Junk Food Cafe enrichment. This meant I was able to pay for a holiday during the summer. My children went to the theatre for the first time, visited Madame Tussauds and climbed the Blackpool Tower. Giving my time saved me so much money but also allowed me to experience life enriching things with my children and family. Even better, it got me a job at Cadoxton Primary School and now I’m in a paid role." 

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