Ella's Blog - The Cadoxton Way

Ella's Blog - The Cadoxton Way

Saturday 21st of March 2020

Today has been a good day! As it’s Saturday I wouldn’t normally be going to school anyway, so it hasn’t been too irregular, but soon as I got a little bored, I did some school work, I enjoy school so this isn’t a punishment as much as it is a reward. My little sister Tayah also had some to do, so we shared our work and made presentations for each other! Later on in the day we walked my dog, as were allowed on walks as said by our prime minister, but I’ll talk about him later, anyway we went on a massive walk and what I realised was that anyone I saw was at least 1-2 metres apart, it’s so weird living a life like this, but I really really hope that I’ll be able to go back to school soon.

Earlier I mentioned our prime minister, who at the moment is Boris Johnson, he has been on the TV nearly every day giving is the latest news, advice and reports, he really has been making the best decisions for the U.K and I’m sure he will continue too.

Working at home is really fun though, you don’t have to wear uniform and you get to do your learning in any order.

Sometimes when I’m in the car or walking my dog, I see so many people wearing masks, a lot of my friends do too, I’m not quite sure if they do anything, some scientists say that they aren’t doing anything while others say they are very affective. But I’m not wearing one just yet, only if it comes to matters when I HAVE too

It’s really nice that I get to stay in touch with my school friends and teachers via google classroom which is an online school website.

I’m now getting ready to settle down for a show called Ant and Decs Saturday night takeaway, which is a tv show on ITV and it’s on every Saturday, tonight it will be a little different as there is no audience and the show hosts might not be able to go too close, it will be interesting to see what they do!

Nothing eventful has happened today, oh except for some more shopping😂 but other than that, today was so much better than yesterday! I’m hoping tomorrow will be just as good as today.

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