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Saturday 28th of March 2020

Hello! Again, I’m very sorry about not writing yesterday, it’s because I am doing the same things as I normally would be doing on a daily basis, so just so that I have more to write about, and so I don’t bore you with hardly any special information, I have decided that I will be writing every other night just so that my blog doesn’t bore you and also so there a a bit more content to write! 

Yesterday I started to miss my friends a little bit, usually I would be FaceTiming them and going out with them during the holidays, but because I have been so caught up with work and because I can’t go outside, I haven’t been able to talk with my friends as much.  So since it was Friday I had more chance to some of my good friends. And I have been talking to them all day today!

Around the U.K children have been starting to paint or colour rainbows and display them in their windows as a sign of resilience and hope. It is also for other children to have something to smile at when taking walks and going to the shops. For example me and my sister have been counting how many rainbows we can spot in windows.

 Yesterday was really fun because we went on another bike ride! It’s funny because as soon as we go under lockdown, the weather is so nice! Where I live is not the sunniest of all places so it’s typical that now the weather is good!


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Ella's Blog - The Cadoxton Way!

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