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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Day 6 of journaling isn’t too interesting as all I have done today is school work and trying to keep fit as a family, me and my little sister Tayah did some of our gymnastics homework full of things that will keep us occupied and healthy. I am very happy that my mums finally allowed to come and work from home and we are now safe as a family! Now that I have two people able to help both me and my sister I feel when I’m doing my homework it will become so much easier.

People are finally starting to listen to Boris Johnson’s advice of staying home, it’s just unfortunate that it took us being in lockdown for them to finally listen, the NHS were previously struggling due to the spread of not only the corona virus, but all the other virus’ in the world.

I have done some research and I feel you would be interested to know some of the statistics to today’s date.( U.K only )

The total deaths confirmed in U.K-422

Confirmed  cases-8077

Total recovered-135

As you can see from the large numbers, this is not a joke, it’s not just a craze, it’s a very serious issue, if we’re not going to take it seriously, it won’t pass. But if we work together we can beat it.


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